Value Added Services

Value Added Services

Value-Added Services

At UTC, we provide a one-stop-shop for all your specialized transportation needs. We know that the needs of each client and transport are different.

Our value-added services provide you with customization and innovation at every step.

Cargo Insurance

Clients can purchase cargo insurance policies through UTC's broker. UTC can often provide clients with discounts and superior coverage on a wider variety of transports.


UTC provides consulting on a wide range of services: Route & Feasibility Studies, Technical Appraisals, and Risk Management


Global Chartering

With close ties to carriers and airlines, UTC is dedicated to designing innovative transportation plans and ensuring that your cargo is transported by the most efficient vessel available.

Hazardous Materials & Dangerous Goods

With certified hazmat specialists in each of our branches, UTC Overseas is experienced in the safe movement of hazardous and radioactive freight worldwide.

In-House Engineering

UTC's engineers develop an intricate knowledge of your equipment, working directly with your team to reduce overall project transportation costs.


Shipment Tracking

Get updates in real time with UTC's shipment tracking.




Warehousing & Distribution

UTC offers customized, flexible solutions aimed at maximizing service levels and reducing costs with on-demand transportation and integrated warehousing and distribution solutions.