Hazardous Material Specialists

Hazardous Material Specialists

Transporting hazardous materials is dangerous business which is why it should be left to the experts. The Hazmat experts at UTC Overseas are experienced in movement of hazardous freight worldwide and to accommodate our customers’ needs, we have certified Hazmat specialists in each of our branches around the globe.

Penalties are expensive for noncompliance when shipping explosives, flammable, poisonous, radioactive or infectious materials. UTC’s experts can identify and classify all categories of hazardous materials and can segregate them for ocean, air or overland transport. Our project managers are trained to recognize and handle domestic and international classified hazardous materials. They will label and check packaging to ensure compliance with all regulations and will prepare regulatory paperwork that is critical for safety and to avoid delays. All hazardous documentation will be developed to comply with necessary regulations.

UTC’s experts will ensure that your hazardous material shipment will pose no threat while in transit and will arrive at your final destination on time and in good condition

UTC Overseas - the experts in Hazmat shipments